Confirm - PA Major ignored

Product Feature: Street Works



A PAA has been sent and granted so we are unsure why the next one has been ignored.


Having looked at the XML provided it looks as though the XML being sent into the authority is a Modified Application notice only. This is the reason why it was ignored.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
If we look at the XML then the Notification Type is 311. This denotes that, it is a Modified Application. 
Notification type of Permit Application (Major) notice is 310.

We now suggest that you check with the concerned Utility to see why they are sending Modified Application notice instead of Permit Application (Major).

As a work around, you can change the notification type from 311 to 310 manually and then re-import the notice. We have verified that there is no difference as such in both the notices except the notification type.