Resolve runtime environment errors in GeoTax 7.1+Code1 4.0


1. The C API uses the sub.h and geotax.h files but only the sub.h is provided with the installation. Is geotax.h still required for GTX 7.1 and if so where can it be found?

2. In the current  C1P 3.5 and GTX 6.1.4 environment, there is only one library to link to, which enables to call C1MATCH, C1CTYLKP, GTMATCH using acu_cobol.  Now, with the new upgrade C1P 4.0 & GTX 7.1 there are 2 versions of libraries: 
Which one should be linked to test all 3 functions? 

3. After applying the new geotax.h fle the error below is encountered when calling GTMATCH. This does not happen when using 'runonline'.

"CheckGeotaxLicense: Program missing or inaccessible
COBOL error at 001223 in GTMATCH"



See Resolution for Cause & Solution.


UPDATED: April 4, 2017

The geotax.h file which contains prototype of the api's and defines constants for COBOL in the installation is missing from the GTX7.1 install file and has to be sent to customer separately.  File is attached to this KB.


Use the /c1p/rts/lib runtimes when linking for C1MATCH and C1CTYLKP calls and the /gtx/rts/lib runtimes when linking for the GTMATCH call. If both Code 1 Plus 4.0 and GeoTax 7.1 are installed then they both should be the same Acucobol version 9.2.

As far as the call to GTMATCH is concerned, it cannot find the  Check to ensure that this file exists in the \lib directory where, and are located. If it is there, then make sure their program knows where to find it along with and
 There are 5 new library files in the new GTX Premium version (7.0) that did not exist in the older version of GTX (6.1.4).  These should be linked for the new version. 

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