Portrait Dialogue Dialogs do not show in HQ Campaigns



In Portrait Dialogue (PD), Dialogs linked to a Campaign cannot be seen in HQ.

It is important to first confirm that PD/HQ integration has been configured and all the documented setup steps have been followed for using Dialogs with HQ Campaigns.
In PD 6.1 Dialog integration is enabled in HQ with the Powershell script and the values in the PSR Application settings table can be looked at to confirm that they look correct.
Confirm that all services (HQ, Dialogue, PSS) are running under an administrator account, which is set up in Dialog Admin with administrator rights and “allow user to create sessions for other users”.

The situation is sometimes that all the campaigns and treatments can be seen, but Dialogs linked to a Campaign cannot be seen in HQ.


This is a known refresh issue.  


UPDATED: April 12, 2017
Normally, if you refresh the browser page, the lists will be repopulated, and the Dialogs will appear.  

In some rare cases, clearing the cache, re-logging in or closing the browser, may be necessary.