Portrait Dialogue with HQ - Dialogs become activated when changes are made to a campaign in HQ


If you make a change to a campaign in Portrait HQ, for example a Suspend, to add a new activity and then click Resume, all dialogs linked to the campaign become active, even though they were set as Deactivated before.
This means that messages that are frequently moved to the Outbox are sent before you have had time to go in and deactivate all dialogs again, with the risk of moving the wrong messages and spam to the Outbox.
Can this be changed so that the dialog remains deactivated, even after changes are made?


This is by design and is the way Dialogue is intended to work by default. According to the HQ documentation:

Activating and deactivating dialogs
When a dialog is assigned to a campaign in Portrait HQ or Visual Dialogue, the dialog is activated and deactivated as the campaign is launched, suspended, resumed or ended. The start and end dates of the dialog are synchronized with the actual market dates of the campaign. Scheduled operations in the dialog are also synchronized with the actual In-market date of the campaign. This happens regardless of whether the dialog is set to be fully automated, or executed manually.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
A new setting has been added, which follows the above section in the HQ doc:

Note: This behavior can be turned off for dialogs executed manually by setting the parameter PSSAlwaysUpdateDialogueExecution in Dialogue Admin to False.