Resolve issue where the NA-Batch Hangs on "Running batch delivery..." in EngageOne

Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)


When customer runs NA-Batch, the program would just hangs forever and the only output we see is "Running batch delivery..."

E:\applications\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\batch>run-na-batch -domain EngageOne -dir "C:\EO\trigger"
Running batch delivery...


Issue is caused by the fact that the port used by run-na-batch to run, is being used by other process.
By default, the port used by batch process is 1099, as defined in the file residing in <EO_Install_Dir>\server\batch directory.

We used the following command in windows command prompt to check the usage of TCP ports: netstat -ano

The result of the above command indicates that there is another Java-based process which is listening to port 1099.


UPDATED: October 31, 2017
As soon as we stop the other service or process using port 1099, we were able to get the run-na-batch back to operational state.

Alternatively, we can configure EngageOne to use a free / unused port other than 1099 for batch processes, by editing the file and restarting EngageOne application server.