Resolve issue where Massive AFP output file(s) are produced from bundled PDF file created by PI Office Mail


Massive AFP output file(s) produced from bundled PDF file created by Officemail

Changing the resolution from 600 to 300 in both the PDF input and AFP output reduces the AFP output file size by approximately 33%.

If the following profile command is used then the AFP output file size is reduced by approximately 50%: PDFIN_USE_OVERLAYS=YES.

However, the AFP output file created contains thousands of resources (8,996 for the aforementioned file) 8,799 of these resources are overlays.


When COLOUR=YES is not used, these images are sent as IM1 images which are un-compressed which results in a bigger file size.


UPDATED: January 19, 2018
Problem is resolved when COLOUR=YES is present in the configuration.
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Product Feature: Output Clients