MailStream Plus(MSP) IBMi user cannot get into the Presort Definition screen of any job

Product affected: MailStream Plus™
Operating System: iSeries



MailStream Plus™ (MSP)  IBMi user cannot get into the Presort Definition screen of any job including the @IVP@ job.
Jobs run fine and end normally.


Because they can’t get into the Presort Definition screen, they are unable to edit the parameters for the presort steps.
We checked the PRFZIPDR USPS Reference files in the MSDBFILES Postal Reference file library (Whatever library name is being used)
All records in this file are there and it is readable, which makes sense since they jobs run fine.
Normally if this file has not been installed properly or is empty, this will prevent a user from getting into the Presort Definition screen.
User needs to log out and log back in.
Now go into the MSP screens, do a 2 and try to get into the Presort Definition screens. Now exit the screens
On the command line do this command:
Now look in the spool files and find a qpjoblog. Open the QPJOBLOG and see if it has any errors.
We found this message –
RNX1041    Escape                  99   06/15/15  22:12:03.805067  QRNXIE       QSYS        *STMT    UPCPPD00    G1MSPGMS    *STMT
                                     From module . . . . . . . . :   QRNXMSG
                                     From procedure  . . . . . . :   SignalException
                                     Statement . . . . . . . . . :   26
                                     To module . . . . . . . . . :   UPCPPD00
                                     To procedure  . . . . . . . :   UPCPPD00
                                     Statement . . . . . . . . . :   1000001
                                     Message . . . . :   An array or table load-sequence error was found in file   PRFSQREF.
                                     Cause . . . . . :   RPG procedure UPCPPD00 in program G1MSPGMS/UPCPPD00 found an array or table load-sequence error in file PRFSQREF. The actual file is ORDRLIBR/PRFSQREF(PRFSQREF).
                                      Recovery  . . . :   Contact the person 
 responsible for program maintenance to determine the cause of the problem.


UPDATED: March 14, 2019
Not sure why the library list finds the library ORDRLIBR before MSDBFILES or why these files are in this library.
Renamed all 8 PRFxxxxx files
in the ORDRLIBR library so they would not be found by MSP.

Now the user can get into the Presort Definitions screen for all of the jobs.