Resolve issue where PostalOne! reports that Mail.dat Field Code CQT-1113 should not be populated with an M, it should be blank in MailStream Plus


PostalOne! says that Mail.dat Field Code CQT-1113 (Simplified Address Indicator) should not be populated with an M, it should be blank.


A mailing was set up as a Simplified Address mailing by putting a Y in position 71 of the P ATTR parameter(s) in a job.
In the job, the Y had been put there by mistake, it was really intended to go into position 72 (the default P ATTR indicator position), and that is why the CQT-1113 was incorrectly getting populated with the M. 


UPDATED: August 7, 2017
Verify that P ATTR position 71 is correctly populated or not based on the mailing being done.

For more information about Simplified Mailings, information can be found in the USPS's Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) at
See section 602.3.2 (the section number given is current as-of June 2015.) 

For more information about the P ATTR or other MailStream Plus parameters, please refer to the MailStream Plus Reference Guide, which can be found at