Resolve issue where WMS map layer containing point data shows solid background in Confirm Mapping

Products Affected:  Confirm


When loading a Web Mapping Service (WMS) layer into Confirm containing point data into the embedded Confirm mapping, the point data is shown, but the background is solid and is obscuring the background maps.


WMS layers are effectively supplied as an image and will have the points displayed, but also a blank background. The WMS will not just display the individual points.

WMS layers are normally only used to supply background layers for this reason.

WMS is a generic term for the various protocols for supplying web mapping services. Confirm uses the WMS protocol that is specifically designed to supply IMAGE data (background maps).

The other main protocol is WFS protocol, which is designed to supply FEATURE data. Confirm does not use WFS protocol data and there are no plans at this time to include WFS protocol data. 


UPDATED: October 31, 2017
The only way to see the underlying map layers is to add a style override to the problem WMS map layer and adjust the transparency. This will allow you to see the maps underneath.