Resolve Spectrum will not start: Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine


Spectrum will not start.

 JVMJ9GC028E Option too large: '-Xmx4096m'

 JVMJ9VM015W Initialization error for library j9gc27(2): Failed to initialize; unable to parse command line 

Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.

Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. 

Automatic JVM Restarts disabled. Shutting down.


Spectrum is unable to find the installed Java directories in order to properly start up successfully. 


UPDATED: April 20, 2017

  1. Ensure the Java version is compatible with what is listed within the release notes.
  2. Ensure both Java 32 and Java 64 are installed.
  3. Ensure the symbolic links within the Spectrum install directory pointing to the Java directories are valid.
  4. Ensure the wrapper.conf file (located in directory: server/bin/wrapper) has the accurate java 64 bit path listed under the # Java Application 6 lines down from the top of the file. 

Environment Details

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Operating System: Linux/UNIX, Windows 



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