Resolve Messages are not being sent in Portrait Dialogue


Messages are not being sent from Portrait Dialogue (PD).


The the most likely reason is that the message was inadvertently set up to "Use Outbox".
Other possibilities are that the output channel is not configured properly, a password has expired or been changed, the account being used to send messages has been blocked, etc.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
If the message has been set up to "Use Outbox" then the messages may still be in the Outbox, ready to be sent.
Very often there are signs in the error logs that explain the problem. Investigate  the following possibilities:
  • Has it ever worked?  If so, when did it stop?  Does it affect all messages or just some?  This is consistent with a password or account expiration.
  • Does it sometimes work for other message templates?  This is consistent with being unaware of using the Outbox.