Resolve 'String or binary data would be truncated' encountered during batch execution in EngageOne

Product Feature: Batch


Batch fails with below exception in NA-Batch log/console:
[<datetime>]|ERROR|BatchItemProcessorWorker|[BatchItemWorker-<X>]|Input Answer Id: <Y>|Input File Name: Report.xml|error processing record with id:
1 java.sql.BatchUpdateException: String or binary data would be truncated


EngageOne Admin allows 'Reports' to be created under Delivery Chanel. Under 'Report Files' tab output variables are set to be written to a file and database both.

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For each record, value of Output variables mentioned under 'Report Files' tab is inserted into EngageOne repository DB tables. Length of the column which holds the resolved value of output variable is defined as 255. This exception is thrown by database server if variable hold a values longer than 255.


UPDATED: May 11, 2017
Execute following query on EngageOne repository DB. This will increase the length of the variable.

ALTER TABLE Batch_ResolvedVariables ALTER COLUMN resolvedValue varchar(4096) NOT NULL

This query increases the length of column 'resolvedValue ' of the table 'Batch_ResolvedVariables' to 4096. This value (4096) can be changed with the expected maximum length which an output variable may hold, before query execution.
Note: This is query to be executed on the EngageOne repository residing on the SQL Server. If this problem occurs on the EngageOne Repository hosted on the Oracle server, query has to be formed for the same to increase the length of column resolvedValue of the table Batch_ResolvedVariables table.