After upgrading to version 6.1 of Portrait Dialogue, there are problems when running some dialog operations due to chunking and multi-threading options introduced in this version.


Some custom operations in Visual Dialogue (e.g below)
User-added image

behave unusually or stop working after the product is upgraded to Portrait Dialogue v6.1 where chunking and multi-threading options are introduced:
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Chunking and multi-threading in Portrait Dialogue v6.1 introduced the ability to execute operations in a number of smaller chunks of work that can also run in parallel (multi-threaded) thereby increasing performance and concurrency instead of of running the operation in a single long-running transaction. These options are enabled by for default dialog operations that are likely to benefit from with them.

Any pre-existing customized operation types will not have these options enabled by default.

When dealing with default operation types that were modified (for instance, by adding a new branch type to the Select or Divide), they will need attention as part of upgrade process to decide if chunking and multi-threading can be beneficial for the specific custom plug-in.


UPDATED: April 4, 2017
Detect which default operations have been modified, determine whether they can make use of chunking and multi-threading, and alter them accordingly - in line with the recommendations in the Reference Guide.
Normally most default plug-ins names start with MH.
Running the following query against the PD database on an environment without any customization gives the attached results file.
SELECT dot_id, dot_name, pd_id, pd_name, pd_changed_by_user_name, DOT_ENABLE_CHUNKING, DOT_ENABLE_MULTI_THREADING
inner join [DLG_BRANCH_TYPE] on dot_id = DBT_DOT_ID
inner join [PLUGIN_DEF] on [DBT_PD_ID] = pd_id
order by 1, 3

These results can be used to compare with the results of the query found on a customized environment.

Default plug-ins that have been modified should have a different user name from the internal system user (MH System User) in their pd_changed_by_user_name column.