Resolve issue where the shading looks very dark and white vertical lines are shown when AFP is ingested and rendered as PDF in e2 Vault


After ingesting AFP format and render as PDF, the shading looks very dark and is having white vertical lines when printed using a desktop laser printer. 


The way e2Vault renders that pattern is a weakness in how acrobat renders the patterns. The code sends the original patterns to pdf by default. 


UPDATED: July 19, 2017

Note: The solution provided below is applicable from the Vault version "7.0M2p0047"

In "profiles.ini" file, there are certain parameters needs to be added to control the shading or even for controlling the colors. It should be added under the desired profile.

Any patterns can be mapped to a color. Codes are in hexadecimal from 000000 to FFFFFF.

GocaMapPattern3=606060 (color code in hexadecimal)

The colors are BGR (windows) and RGB (unix-big endian machines) and are in hex;

Lower numbers=darker 
Higher numbers=brighter

000000 = Black
FFFFFF = white
808080 = Gray

800000 = blue
008000 = green
000080 = red

Appearance of table and shading can be chosen according to operating system and requirement.

Environment Details

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Windows Server 2008


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