Resolve issue where it is not possible to change a parameter back to the default value in Data Build Manager for Spectrum/Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Data Build Utilities


When running a build script in the Data Build Manager, if you change a parameter to a non-default value, and then try to change it back to the default, it won’t do that change.

For example, given the build script which has the parameter $word set to "World" by default:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<build name="Mail">
  <parameter name="word" value="World"  type="string"/>
  <target name="TargetHello">
      <echo message="Hello ${word}!"/>

After changing the parameter $word to "Planet Earth" in the Data Build Manager, then back to "World", the change does not take effect.  The display shows the parameter set in the command to be run still as "Planet Earth":

Data Build Manager with parameter


This is a bug in all versions of Spectrum/Portrait Miner up to, and including, V7.0B


UPDATED: July 28, 2017
The only workaround available is to close the Data Build Manager then relaunch it with the build script from the Spectrum/Portrait Miner Explorer window.