Resolve Bundle problems after windows patches applied in Officemail


Bundle problems after windows patch installation

After installing Windows pathes and restarting the Windows System old bundles are visible and waiting for release.
Admin server has been patched and restarted.


When windows patches were installed, Officemail server was restarted during processing the bundles


UPDATED: June 5, 2017

The bundles that were reported after restarting the patched server have status "In progress". To change the status of the reported bundles, please make a backup of your databases and run the following script:
use PIOfficeMail
begin transaction
update JobBundle
set JobBundleStatusID = 2 where JobBundleStatusID = 1 and JobBundleID  in
('bundleID 1',
'bundleID 2',
'bundleID n')

Please remember to commit the script after executing it.
After the status is updated, you should be able to refresh the bundle list on Admin Website to verify the bundles are complete.
Environment Details

Operating System: Windows 2008