Resolve Portrait Foundation Configuration Suite showing an error when loading the configuration

Product Feature: Configuration suite


When trying to load the Configuration Suite the following error is seen:

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The Configuration Suite's Log Viewer (at the bottom of the screen) explains that it has "Failed to load XML element '...' with ID '...' in file '...' in package '...'."
When the Windows Application Event Log is opened the following error detail is seen:

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Further investigation reveals that when opening the specific *.ppk package file of the faulting configuration package in a text viewer, we can see that one of the configuration *.pco elements is duplicated within the XML. This element duplication is clearly the reason why the above errors are being seen, but what is causing this?


The cause of this issue is that the duplicated configuration element in question (most likely to be some form of model type) has more than one configuration version associated with it.

While this should not normally cause an issue, if the initial version (v0) also has a draft version associated with it - perhaps as a result of someone wanting to test some changes with their own draft of the first version - then the Configuration Suite loader views the subsequent non-draft version (v1) as a new element and attempts to include it as a separate entry in the package file. This causes the error that is seen in the description.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
** This resolution is only suitable if ALL of the symptoms listed in the description are found to be present. **

The draft version needs to be removed from the configuration. Ask the person who has created the draft version to delete it. If you are unsure who this is, then please send a copy of the specific *.pco file whose name is duplicated in the package file to Pitney Bowes Support quoting "Portrait Foundation KB 000013841". Please add as much detail as possible in your description of the issue.

Once the draft version has been removed from the master configuration, if you are using Portrait Snapshots as your source control system, you will also need to delete that entire *.pco file from all users' snapshots. When they re-open their Configuration Suites, the corrected version of the file will be copied across to their snapshot from the master.

If you are unsure of these steps, please contact Pitney Bowes Support with the above reference.