Resolve slow performance of the Business Steward Module portal in Spectrum


The BSM portal has over 64 K exceptions and the performance is slow especially when the exception filter is being refreshed.


If all the exceptions are being assigned to one user this can be the cause of the issue. There are a number of other things pointed out in the Resolution section of this article.


UPDATED: October 13, 2017

The below checks can be performed.

1)  Rule out browser issues, clear the cache / try another browser.
2)  Rule out the Server running out of memory on which Spectrum is installed.
3)  If all exceptions are being assigned to one user, this can be an issue due to an index on the user. If about 1000 exceptions are then assigned to another user there can be an increase in performance being logged in as the other user.
4)  If the no of columns > 100 this can cause slow performance.
5)  Not creating exceptions that cannot be fixed. Some of the exception rules may relate to missing data. These can be handled by having a dedicated Exception Monitor stage with the report option selected.

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