Distributed Content Author installation and unable to delete images or fonts

Product affected: EngageOne Content Author


When trying to delete a font or image from the Content Author admin, you receive an error saying it cant be deleted.


Communications are blocked either by a firewall or security permissions set on both the application server and the SQL server. This will prevent any resources from being deleted from the Content Author Resource database.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
1: Ensure that both machines can ping each other by name (both short name and fully qualified)
2: Turn off the firewall on both system (if this is an issue then for testing purposes please turn off)
3: Check that both system CID's are different. To check this open regedit and navigate to the following location 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CID' you will find 4 keys. look at all the keys 'description' entry's for 'MSDTC', then look to see if the folder guid is different on both systems.
4: Open Component Services from 'Control panel -> Administrative tools -> Component Services'. Expand the following - Console Root > Component Services > Computers > My Computer > Distributed transaction coordinator > local DTC. Right click 'local DTC' and select properties. click the 'security' tab. Tick the following options -
Network DTC Access
Allow Inbound
Allow Outbound
No Authentication Required
Enable SNA LU 6.2 Transactions

5: Set the same options that you did in step 4 on both servers

6: try to delete the font in CA Admin