Investigating poor performance in Confirm and the Connector

Products affected: Confirm, Confirm OnDemand


Confirm performance is very poor with the issue presenting itself in any of the following ways:

1. Confirm response issues within the application
2. Intermittent response issues with integrations into the Confirm system, e.g. Biztalk integrations from a
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
3. One blocking session and many locked out sessions at Confirm database level
4. User running the 'blocking' session will probably be frozen out at the point of running a search, e.g. an Enquiry search, within Confirm.


One cause is a 'blocking' session in the database which may be due to long running SQL.


UPDATED: October 2, 2018
If the search doesn't come to an end naturally, then the blocking user's session will need to be disconnected. This could involve steps including:
  • The database session to be logged off (which may need DBA intervention)
  • Disconnection from the application server they were on (which may involve a server administrator)
  • Termination of the Confirm application on the client PC if this is a full client installation of Confirm
If SQL is taking a long time to run see who much data it is trying to retrieve and consider reducing this or making the SQL more efficient.