Resolve lists exported from Portrait Explorer not appearing in Portrait Dialogue selection tools



After exporting lists from Portrait Explorer (PE), the data appears in the Portrait Shared Repository (PSR) database, but the lists are not available for use in Portrait Dialogue (PD).  The following error appears in the PortraitSharedServices.log file:
Base Exception Details: 
Base exception message:     The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'GetSelectionsUsingField', database 'PortraitPSR', schema 'dbo'.
Base exception method:      OnError
Base exception class:       System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
Base exception source:      .Net SqlClient Data Provider

It is also not possible to run the CustomerMetadataTool to import data from PD.


Some processes within the Portrait Suite require stored procedures to be run in the PSR, this error is generated by the database when the AppPoolUser user has insufficient 'execute' permissions.


UPDATED: April 10, 2017
Ensure the AppPoolUser has the db_executionrole for the PortraitPSR database.
  1. Open SQLServer Management Studio
  2. Expand the Security - Logins section
  3. Select the AppPoolUser which was previously added to SQLServer
  4. Right-click and select Properties
  5. Open the User Mapping page
  6. Select the PortraitPSR and toggle on the db_executionrole option