Liason: MPV Production issue >> bad data clean up support for Duplicate Payments displayed to Customer


High Priority >> MPV Production issue >> bad data clean up support for Duplicate Payments displayed to Customer


Application: MPV ( Issue: We have identified six scenarios of bad (duplicate) Payment data displayed to the Customer and requires data cleanup. Support Needed: Recommendation on steps to clean up the bad data w/o breaking any functionality or historical information. The scenarios identified are listed below. 1) Our investigation shows, since 6/18 patch there is no Payment match and all OAR Payments coming into MPV are showing up as duplicate to the customer. There are 19000+ such records and number is increasing each day. There is no cash_receipt_id update to CIV payment table since 6/19 while OAR_payment table has corresponding closed payments. Here are three examples with different scenarios from Prod Support: Scenario1: Closed OAR Payment, MPV payment stays open and shows as duplicate Account # (Number), Ck# (Number), Amt: (number) Scenario2: Open OAR Payment, open MPV payment displays as duplicate to Customer (note OAR Account is different than MPV Account# (number) Account # (number), Ck# (number) scenario 3: Open OAR Payment, and open MPV payment both display as duplicate to Customer Account #(number), Ck# (number) 2) List of 197 records from prior to 6/18 patch, these have cash receipt Id populated and pay_status = I Scenario 4: 174 out of 197 are closed in OAR Payment Scenario 5: 23 records (out of 197) show as OPEN on the OAR_Payment table in MPV; appears related to fact that a parent account in hierarchy is not Web Flag Yes. 3) Bad data after OAR workaround is implemented Scenario 6: Closed OAR Payment, Closed MPV payment, however, a record exists in pmt_request table prior to work around implementation with bill_group = external status = I Account # (number), Ck# (number), Amt: 1066.00  


UPDATED: October 18, 2017

this issue is being tracked in _*PCIVONE-2123 \[SUPPORT\] MQC # 7221:NRO - Unexpected Pending Payments*_ and that work will be an RFC (currently waiting for approval for ~80 hours of work before any work can commence).

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