Portrait Dialogue dialog import error: Required object not found


While importing a dialog in Visual Dialogue, the import window shows an error "Required object not found"


This happens when we import a dialogue to the new machine and the some configuration or dependencies are missing.

Below listed points should be checked.

1. Current Database is different from the database from where the Dialog is exported.
2. Message templates are different in current system.
3. Plugins missing in the current systems

In General, this can happen due to many reasons.



UPDATED: March 29, 2017
While importing the dialog to a new machine, we have to make sure that the environment of the machine where dialog is imported is same as the machine from where the dialog is Exported.

Here, Environment means we have make sure that the Database should be same or the database has same Schema as the previous machine.

The Plugins which were used in the previous system by dialog, must be installed on the current system before starting the import.