Resolve Inbound \ bounce emails not received in eMessaging



If polling of inbound mailbox is stopped, there will no occurences of "InboundMailListener.poll" in the e-Messaging application logs.
As polling of mailbox specified in the inbound profile is required to get bounce email in system, reports of e-Messaging shows no or less emails
for inbound \ bounce profile.


Following scenario can result into this:
1) Inbound profile made 'inactive' from eMessaging UI.
2) After monthly limit on number of outbound emails is exceeded with "LicenseException: Maximum monthly
email exceeded" message in e-Messaging application logs which also halts sending of outbound emails.


UPDATED: March 27, 2017
To resolve:
1) Make sure Inbound profile is active using these steps:
  • Go to Home->Inbound Profiles-><profile name>.
  • Verify 'Active' check-box under 'status' at the bottom of the page (just above the 'Save' button) is checked.
If 'Active' is unchecked, select this option.

2) Due to defect in e-Messaging, on first day of next month though monthly limit is renewed and e-Messaging starts
sending the outbound emails but polling of inbound mail box did not start untill Application server is restarted. Fix for this is scheduled in e-Messaging
version 1.5.