Resolve Verisign certificate expiry in EngageOne suite of products

Product Feature: Active x



Various products in the EngageOne suite use a Verisign certificate for the Active X module and when the user launches any of the components below, an error message is returned stating that the certificate has expired:
  • EngageOne Interactive
  • Content Author (web client)
  • Designer (preview for EngageOne)
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Certificate for earlier version of product (6.0 for the Active X module) expires in June 2015.


UPDATED: February 26, 2018
Either the existing certificate needs to be resigned and replaced, or you may be able to replace this with a later version of Active X (dependent on version and product in use).  Please contact software support ( giving the details of the product and version in use, and they will advise whether a replacement or an update is appropriate.

In Content Author, you should backup the existing version of this file ( found in the Content Author\Client folder, and copy the updated certificate cabinet file into the folder.  

Alternatively, the latest version of Content Author (6.6.5 at the time of updating this article on 19 February 2018) contains an up to date certificate. 

In EngageOne Interactive, this can be found in the application_server_install_path\server\default\deploy\EngageOneCorrespondent.war, again, please take a backup of the cabinet file before replacement.  Please note that the optimum tool to use to open the .war file is 7-Zip file manager to avoid any corruption of the .war file.

For Designer, the situation is slightly different, the Active X module is deployed via eoeditor.ocx, and the properties of this file will show no expiry date, you will only receive the expiry message when attempting to Preview for EngageOne (Tasks\Preview for EngageOne).  Contact support giving the Designer version in use and an updated certificate will be supplied.

We would always recommend using the latest version of product, as earlier versions of product may not be supported, contact software support for information on the latest available version.