Portrait Dialogue 6.1 - treatment offer log contains an incorrect number of records


Portrait Dialogue (PD) 6.1 - the treatment_offer_log table contains an incorrect number of records.

An example from a case showed 10 participants processed, and 29 records created in the treatment_offer_log table.  


The problem was caused by a combination of user error and a bug introduced in PD v6.1 Hotfix 1.  

The user error component is that some domain groups were defined as one-to-one, but the data in the database was one-to-many.

The bug component was that there was a change in Hotfix 1 that included the one-to-one groups in the message merge query.

This was resulting in duplicates.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
Make sure that one-to-one groups actually return one-to-one data, and not one-to-many.

Upgrade to PD v6.1 Hotfix 2 or later.