Resolve EngageOne - Updated Message Content not reflected in EO Admin Console

Product Feature: EngageOne Administration


When updated Message Content is imported into the EngageOne Admin console and viewing the "version" tab, the information displayed does not reflect the new version number or date\time of updated content:

Import original message content into EO3.1.2 (GA release), once imported go the version tab, where the user will see that the date\time reflects what has just been done.

Wait half an hour and import the updated message content, admin console says "uploading". When complete, go to the version tab for one of the messages, where the user will see that there is no new version number, nor does the date\time get updated for the updated message content.


Defect in all versions of EngageOne prior to


UPDATED: April 12, 2017
Resolved in builds later than