Resolve issue where Scheduled Reporting Agent Jobs Fail due to PDF Printer Problem in Confirm

Product Feature: Printing-General Output


Scheduled Reporting Agent jobs are consistently failing with the following error being logged to the ErrorTaskProcessor.log file:

Error while executing Agent:SCHEDULED REPORTING AGENT:BSLBASE_BLANK An error has been found with the PDF Printer

..and an abbreviated version of the same error being seen in the Task Details section of the Scheduled Tasks window in Confirm (provided the SCHEDULED REPORTING AGENT row has been highlighted in the upper section of the Scheduled Tasks window).


The PDF Printer driver that is used to render the reports and this is either:

1. Not installed on the box having problems or
2. Has experienced a corruption


UPDATED: September 29, 2017
1.  Reinstall the Confirm PDF Printer and restarted that server (please be aware that much consideration will need to be given to the time of server restarts, especially when dealing with Production environments).

2. (Re)start the Scheduled Reporting Agent.

In the event of the affected customer being onDemand then the onDemand Team will need to implement this Resolution.