How to create a report file with multiple lines of content in EngageOne

Product Feature: Document Generation



A delivery channel with two report files with the same filepath, filename and fileformat has been specified in the EngageOne admin console.

For each report file a specific entry, “LINE 1” for the first and “LINE 2” for the second has been defined.

Following the executation of N/A Batch, the report file contains only one line as follows:


The expected result was:
"LINE1 "
"LINE2 "


Multiple report files associated with a single delivery channel was never intended to write to the same file or to be used to produce a two line report entry for a single document. The current implementation does not support creation of a two line report file entry for one document, so will always default to "LINE1 LINE2".


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
If a two line report file is required, this would have to be achieved by post processing the report file generated.