Portrait Foundation Configuration Suite presenting error message when opening large workspace

Product Feature: Configuration suite


The Portrait Foundation Configuration Suite presents an error message when opening a large workspace:
User-added image


If a large master repository is used, and the user opens the Portrait Foundation Configuration Suite in order to create a Snapshot, the performance of the application can be compromised by a number of factors including:
  • An overly aggressive anti-virus solution checking the files as they are copied between master repository and snapshot,
  • Network connectivity speed if one or both of the master repository or snapshot are not stored locally,
  • File permissions of the user for the locations of the repository master and the snapshot.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
Addressing the above concerns individually:
  • We recommend that our customer's anti-virus solutions are set either to ignore the entire directory structures of the master repository and snapshot, or that they are set to specifically set to ignore  the Portrait Foundation-specific *.pco and *.aux file types.
  • If the repository and/or the snapshot are stored on the network (or on a SAN), it is important to ensure that the server's network card, the network connection, and the SAN all have enough bandwidth to ensure that the large amounts of data that get copied with the Configuration Suite are not compromised.
  • Ensure that the current user running the Configuration Suite has both read and write permissions to all folders and sub-folders used in the master repository and the snapshot. This is especially relevant with later operating systems such as Windows 2012, where by default, folder permissions are often restricted.