Confirm - Mapping - "Cannot set style to null" error encountered when running the Referential Integrity Agent

Product Feature: Mapping



Following error message encountered when running the Referential Integrity agent:

2015-09-21 08:08:31.2663 ¦BVWLSJYR¦10408¦16 ¦D Info ¦ SQL - SELECT sdo_util.to_wktgeometry(sp_geography) FROM feature WHERE feature.feature_key = 37646
2015-09-21 08:08:31.6719 ¦BVWLSJYR¦10408¦16 ¦D Error ¦ Error while updating entity key: '37646' in map. Exception: 'Error updating feature.'
Inner Exception: 'Error executing statement : update "Whole_streets" set Obj=@0, SITE_NAME=@1, PLOT_NUMBER=@2, FEATURE_ID=@3, FEATURE_LOCATION=@4, FEATURE_TYPE_NAME=@5, PRIMARY_MEASUREMENT=@6, UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT=@7, SITE_CODE=@8, CENTRAL_ASSET_ID=@9, FEATURE_GROUP_CODE=@10, CENTROID_EASTING=@11, CENTROID_NORTHING=@12, EXTENT_EASTING_1=@13, EXTENT_NORTHING_1=@14, EXTENT_EASTING_2=@15, EXTENT_NORTHING_2=@16, LAYER=@17, MI_PRINX=@18, MI_Style=@19 where MI_Key=@Key: Cannot set style to null.'. Stack Trace: at MapInfo.Data.Feature.Update(Boolean updateEditedColumnsOnly)
at MapInfo.Data.Feature.Update()
at MapInfo.Confirm.Mapping.MapXtreme.MapFeatureColumn`1.UpdateColumn()
at MapInfo.Confirm.Mapping.MapXtreme.MapFeature.SetColumn(String columnName, Object value)
at MapInfo.Confirm.Application.ReferentialIntegrity.Feature.FeatureMapping.SetEntityColumns(IEntityModify entity, IUpdatableMapObject mapFeature)
at MapInfo.Confirm.Application.ReferentialIntegrity.CoreMapping`1.Update


This is caused by corrupted data in the map layer file.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
Delete the problem entities from the relevant Map layer using Mapinfo Professional.

Once this is done then rerun the RI Agent.