Resolve Portrait Interaction Optimizer periodically appears to present incorrect recommendations to customers

Product Feature: Decision


Interaction Optimizer (IO) recommendations are incorrectly returned by the IO web service for a few seconds immediately after saving any change to any campaign in the HQ.
The problem only occurs on heavily loaded systems where multiple threads are concurrently handling IO web service requests.


The cache of selections (also known as filtering rules) is not re-loaded in a thread-safe manner. Threads executing at the same time as the thread that has cleared the cache may get a cache hit that returns an empty list of rule assignments.
This results in no rules being evaluated for the affected campaign and incorrect recommendations being returned.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017
For a full resolution, please contact Pitney Bowes Technical Support supplying full details (and evidence) of the issue along with the version of IO that you are running. Please request patch TFS-33943.

As a workaround, you should avoid editing Campaigns, Selections, Rules, etc. in any environment under heavy load from recommendation web service requests. Instead, you should aim to only make changes during periods of low request activity.