Content Author client URL not connecting


Application Server URL does not come up.
When we navigate in IE to the Web Client http://<server>/CCMContentAuthor URL designated in the setup, the window just hangs.   There is no response on the IE screen.  In the background an IE popup indicates that the page is not responding.


The issue had to do with a custom IIS default site.

The Default Web Site in IIS was not pointing to the valid Physical Path for the default, custom IIS site. Usually, this is %SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot\. There is a different location for the custom default IIS site, but it was not populated in the Physical Path settings.

As a result, the default IIS site was not functioning, and neither was the CCMContentAuthor site.


UPDATED: April 26, 2017
The resolution was to correct the Physical Path of the Default Web Site in the IIS settings. Once the Default Web Site was coming up, we refreshed the CCMContentAuthor site as a child of the corrected Default Web Site.