Cannot save outbound profile using EMessaging with Wildfly

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When using EMessaging with Wildfly, it is impossible to save any outbound profiles.  Even though I'm not using digital signatures, whenever I try to save an outbound profile I get an error message:

We look at the Web-INF/classes/ folder and we found the file, can you help us with this error.


2015-09-24 16:09:44,609 [EM] ERROR [default task-35] OutboundProfileForm.logError(419) | or default key file not found at classes folder. or default key file not found at classes folder.

at com.g1.emessaging.util.KeysUtil.loadKeyProperties(

at com.g1.emessaging.util.KeysUtil.transferKeyFile(

at com.g1.emessaging.util.KeysUtil.getKeyFolderPath( 

However the files ARE in that location.



During the initial setup of EMessaging with Wildfly, it is important not to skip this step (found in the EMessaging 1.4m9 installation Guide on page 61)

4. If e-Messaging and EngageOne are deployed in the same WildFly server instance, then

copy and replace_with_real_private_key.p12 (digital certificate) files

from the <e-Messaging Home>/core.war/WEB-INF/classes directory to the following


<WildFly_Home>\modules\org\forgerock\openam\agent\main\locale directory


Else, copy to the following path:


directory location.

Note the location specified under ELSE.  It is easy to miss this step if you're not using EngageOne, as you might not notice that you need to copy the files here.


UPDATED: September 8, 2017
The file and the key file need to be copied to: