Portrait Dialogue v6.1 - Is it possible to change the color of the menu text in Visual Dialogue's editor pop-ups?

Product Feature: General Admin settings


In Portrait Dialogue (PD) version 6.1, it has been noted that the text color in Visual Dialogue's editor menus and pop-ups seems to be a lighter shade than the text in earlier versions of the product:
User-added image

While the disabled text is still light gray (RGB: #B1B1B1), the enabled text has changed from black to dark gray (RGB: #646464).
In some situations (see highlighted text in above pop-up), it is unclear to the user whether the text is enabled or disabled.

Can the color of this text be changed by a customer implementation?


The difference between earlier versions of PD and PD version 6.1 is that v6.1 requires a more recent version of one of the dependent 3rd-party libraries.
Our Visual Dialogue editors use the library's Custom Ribbon 2013 Skin which has a number of changes in it over the version used by Visual Dialogue version 6.0.
Most notably, the menu text (for example, within the above pop-up dialogs) is now defined to have a lighter shade that before - dark gray rather than black.

In some situations, this lighter shade understandably makes it unclear to users as to whether the text is enabled or disabled.


UPDATED: April 18, 2017
Unfortunately, the color of the menu text is hard-coded in the library's skin and cannot be changed.