Resolve the error 'An error occured while creating the Confirm Database Map Layer' in Confirm

Product Feature: mapping



The error "An error occured while creating the Confirm Database Map Layer,  updating the Map Catalog Failed. Please refer to the Feature Group Help Page For more information." occurs when trying to create a Confirm Database Map Layer on the Feature Group screen in Confirm.


The problem may be caused by invalid geometry data in the sp_geography column of the Confirm feature table in the database.

Invalid data can be identified by running the following SQL against a Confirm SQL Server database:
SELECT site_code, plot_number, sp_geography.STAsText()
FROM feature
WHERE feature.sp_geography.STIsValid() = 0;

Any rows returned indicate invalid geometry.


UPDATED: February 13, 2019
Contact Pitney Bowes Technical Support who will supply the update SQL to fix the invalid geometry. 

Note: This may make minor adjustments/corrections to the positions of some Feature geometries, so backing up the contents of the feature table before running the update statement is recommended.