Resolve scenario where commands in the setup.dat file are being ignored in Portrait Miner

Products Affected: Portrait Miner/Spectrum Miner
Product Feature: Installation


We have limited the range of open ports in the firewall, and have configured what ports will be used by Portrait Miner by setting the following in the <PMHOME>\config\setup.dat file:

qs7.0B: port=30701
#property quadstone.rmi.port.min=50000
#property quadstone.rmi.port.max=50600

but we can see that a connection is being made on port 54000, outwith the specified range.


This is happening because the two lines:

#property quadstone.rmi.port.min=50000
#property quadstone.rmi.port.max=50600

are commented out, so are not used by Portrait Miner.

Lines beginning with a "#" character are treated as comments.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017
Edit the <PMHOME>\config\setup.dat file to remove the "#" characters from the beginning of any lines to be used.

Ensure all users have logged out of any active Portrait Miner client sessions, then stop and restart the Portrait Miner windows service, to ensure the changes take effect.