GTMATCH call in GeoTax library failing in solaris production nodes


Verizon is using GTX 7.2 on Solaris and reporting that calls to GTMATCH are failing in one of their production environments but not in another even though both nodes are mirrowing each other. The errors are highlighetd in the attached Truss log (log.good & log.bad) and appear to be as a result of trailing spaces in the sting "/group1/c1p40gtx753/gtx/license.lic "
open64("/group1/c1p40gtx753/gtx/license.lic ", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT # trying to open file with space trailing – need to trim spaces
brk(0x03380000) = 0x00000000 # not sure why brk is called here (which is for memory allocation) but this is not called in success case
brk(0x03382000) = 0x00000000
brk(0x03382000) = 0x00000000
brk(0x03388000) = 0x00000000
brk(0x03388000) = 0x00000000
brk(0x03608000) Err#12 ENOMEM # here is the program crashing with no memory
schedctl() = 0xF39BC000
sigaction(SIGABRT, 0x00000000, 0xFFBCE3F8) = 0
lwp_kill(1, SIGABRT) = 0
Received signal #6, SIGABRT [caught]
siginfo: SIGABRT pid=29982 uid=105 code=-1

The string is from the variable GTGSLIC they they set for the license file and are not passing spaces for this.
GTGSLIC="${G1GTX}/license.lic" # License File
export GTGSLIC

I also had them check MIA-LIC-FILE-PATH for the spaces and they said that is not something they are setting in their env or program. They would like to know if any thing changed for 7.0 to 7.2 that would cause this trailing space to be an issue as they never had it before in 7.0.


There doesn't appear to be any obvious application issues, a suggestion is that the permissions to the license file and other aspects of the call be verified.



UPDATED: March 24, 2017

Customer advised that by null terminating this issue seems to have been resolved. 


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