Resolve issue where Individual Comments are not being sent out in Confirm Street Works

Product Feature: Street Works



Individual comments not being sent out, showing as 'Not Transferred'


Check the 'Send To' screen of the failing comment. Check the error displayed (eg error with recipient web service, showing error HTTP error 502 - Bad Gateway).


UPDATED: September 29, 2017
Resolve the error displayed on the 'Send To' screen. 

It is possible that the 'Notification Retries' as configured on the 'Street Works Initiation System Settings' may have been exceeded, so the task processor will not try to send the comment.

In this case the send flag will need to be set to 'P' to allow the comment to be sent.

To check if this is the case :

First check if the value of send flag is 'X' (set not to send)

select * from sw_batch_recipient where batch_id = xxxxxx 

where xxxxxx is the batch number

If the value is 'X'  then ask Tech. Support for SQL to update the send_flag.