Confirm - Mapping - Data Source results not creating map layer file.

Product Feature: Mapping



When trying to use the 'Show Report results On Map' button, no results are shown and no map layer files are created.


Issue is caused by the fact that the feature group layer for the features selected in the data source is not visible in the map workspace of the user running the datasource.

The process behind the 'Show Report Results on the Map' button is as below:

The datasource will reference features in the database.
The Features belong to a Feature group, and each Feature Group will be assigned a map layer if it is mapped.
This feature group map layer must be present AND visible in the users Map workspace.
The process then searches the feature group layer for the features listed in the datasource and adds them to the target map layer to be created.

If the feature group map layer is NOT present AND visible, the datasource has no source map layer data to copy into the new map layer and will not create them.


UPDATED: April 4, 2017
Add the relevant Feature Group map layer to the Map workspace and make it visible, the process will then complete successfully.