Resolving Portrait Dialogue problems with use of ScrambleURL function in implementing a web service to execute a content object from customer's website.



When trying to implement a web service to execute a content object from customer’s website there was a need to use ScrambleURL function for use which there was a need to connect to Portrait Dialogue first. It would be simplier to call ScrambleURLin that case without a need to connect to Portrait Dialogue like e.g. through ActiveX or in any other way.




To have ScrambleURL work there a need to have value for checksum.
Scramble of value could be achieved the following way:


In that scenario there is a calss for that in .NET assembly that can be used when working in .NET.
The class is briefly described in a help file when installing SDK on the instalaltion media disk.
Details are described in the Portrait Dialogue reference guide.
As a help to build URLs and tags for executing content objects there can be the below user interface coming from Visual Dialogue:

This case shows the build for anonymous access for one customer and not the scenario where any customer can login on customer website and get a dedicated content object.

However instead of the application or web service calling the Dialog Server API to execute the content object there can be simply created a tag following this pattern and the Web Utilities will do the rest of executing it.

In this way the tag will be created for one specific customer.


UPDATED: September 5, 2017
Following the above instruction the link was constructed in the following way:

new MH.Net.Url.UrlManager(myUri).GetScrambledUrl();