Resolve issue where a database map layer is added successfully, but is not saving into a map workspace in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping



Confirm database map layer adding successfully, but not saving into a map workspace when being saved and re-opened.


The problem is because the Feature Group names begin with numbers.

The Feature Group map layer names are the same as the Feature Group names. The underlying map tables are also created with the same name.
However, when a map workspace is saved, MapXtreme finds any map table names that begin with a number and prefixes them with an underscore.
e.g. '01 - Streetlights' turns into '_01 - Streetlights'

This means that when Confirm tries to find the map layers it can't find them, and we get the symptoms that the customer is seeing.



UPDATED: September 29, 2017
The only workaround for this would be to rename their Feature Groups, until the fix is available.