Certain bezeled corners aren't appearing smoothly in Vault


Certain bezeled corners aren't appearing smoothly in Vault


Certain bezeled corners aren't appearing smoothly in Vault Bezelled corners do not appear as smooth in AFP as in doc1 created PDF. May be a print stream limitation since at different zoom levels they do look better. Effect also shows up in third party AFP viewer.


UPDATED: September 8, 2017

At this point I think this will end up being an enhancement. The complexity involved is beyond what a normal patch would involve.

It will be considered for improvement in a future release, but there is no timeline at this point for when it will be fixed.


Created By: Jira Connector (9/28/2015 10:47 AM)

JIRA- : Grant Boyle - Sep 28, 2015 4:47:44 PM


> 2) If you look on page one of the AFP, at the box with bezelled

> corners right below the phrase "saldo a pagar" you'll notice

> that the bezels are jagged in the AFP and rendered PDF, but

> not in the PDF that Doc1generate creates.


The main difference here is that DOC1 is drawing the corvers using Bézier curves whereas Vault is manually drawing a sequence of line segments.


Note that there are two types of boxes here one, like the one in question, drawn with GBOX.


Also, the horizontal width of the corner curve is larger for these two boxes.


I'm still looking to see if there is a way to improve this.


Do we know if this print stream is being printed? If so how is the quality of the printed output? If not, has the stream been printed using the IBM virtual printer?


Using BTB and AFP Workbench shows similar output artifacts.


Improving the quality of the curved corners looks like it will be an involved process (it is approaching the enhancement request level).


(Some of the issues involve the way the corners are implemented in Vault as a series of line segments rather than a Bézier curve, rounding errors related to snapping the coordinates to the font DPI and lack of antialias support for GOCA lines in bitmap modes.)

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Product Feature: Render

Operating System: Linux

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