MapInfo Professional: Unable to select and move labels


After moving several labels in a layer, you are then unable to select and move other labels.

This happens after importing an excel spreadsheet in MapInfo Pro and then using the Table>Create Points option.

This happens in MapInfo Pro 15.


This cause for this is unknown and a bug has been created for this issues:



UPDATED: March 29, 2017
There are two possible workarounds for this issue;
  1. When you get into a state where you can't select a particular label, do a Control-D to force a redraw. This fixes the problem for a while. You can then pick the label that you wasn't able to pick previously and move it. 
  2. There may be an issue with the table so you can exported the table to MIF/MID, then re-imported the MIF/MID into a new table.