Resolve vehicles taking longer path instead of the shorter expected ones in Paramics network


Vehicles are taking much longer paths instead of the shorter expected ones


This could be due to multiple scenarios, which can be found out with the help of the 'Route Viewer' tool.


UPDATED: November 17, 2017

Try following steps:

1. Select the 'zone to zone' method and select the problem group.
  • Route cost shows up as 0. This means that you have a problem most likely in the category cost factor (set to 0) or the general cost equation all being set to zero.
  • Route cost shows up normal - go to step two
2. Select 'link to zone' method and then select the link just after the diverge on the route that the vehicles are taking and the then the link on the route that they 'should' be taking.
  • Could a the expected route be used?
        i. If yes - go to b.
        ii. If no - check the coding along the route to check for barred movements.
  • Is the cost of expected route lower than the used route? 
        i. If yes - check the turn (barred, cost factor)
        ii.If no - evaluate the cost factors along the two paths


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