Confirm - UKPMS CCI (Carriageway Condition Index) Scores not Produced

Product Feature: UKPMS


A client asked Pitney Bowes to check data for Asset Valuation was being produced. 

For Scanner Surveys which is the case for A, B and C classifications of roads they are able to produce CCI values. However, for 'Unclassified' and thus CVI data CCI* is not being produced. 

They‘ve being using Road Sections to test with. 

* “CCI” – Carriageway Condition Index [scores].


The client had roads that are “Concrete/Unknown” (CWCU) and none of the CCI Index rules have “CWCU” for Feature Group applicability. They added “CWCU” to the existing rule for "Carriageway Covered Concrete“ (CWCC) –  and CCI scores were produced.

Ideally, should they update the existing Inventory from “CWCU” or do as above,  where they added the applicability?


UPDATED: October 25, 2017
Updating the applicability of the rule is feasible.

The Feature Group and Inventory should ideally be not tinkered with.