Error message "Error while updating entity key: 'xxxxxx' in map. Exception: 'Specified cast is not valid.'" when running Referential Integrity Agent in Confirm Mapping

Product Feature: Mapping



Error  "Error while updating entity key: 'xxxxxx' in map. Exception: 'Specified cast is not valid.' " when running Referential Integrity Agent


This is caused by the feature group map layer being referenced, having field types that do not match the Map Layer Specifications for a Feature, in the help file.

Feature Referential Integrity Map Layer

The layer must contain one of these primary columns:

Central_Asset_Id (Char(20)) 
Asset_Id * (Char(15))
The layer may also contain the following optional columns. These attributes of the map layer record will be updated if present. Confirm columns can relate to different map column names depending on the flavour of Confirm being used and the layer's mapping technology. Below are the map column names that Referential Integrity can update:

Site_Code (Char(10)) 
Site_Name, Street_Name, Road_Name, Building_Name (Char(40)) 
Plot_Number, Plot_No, Asset_Number, Sequence_Number, Feature_Number, Section_Number (Decimal(10,2)) 
Feature_Id, Asset_Id *, Tag_Number, Road_Number, Label (Char(15)) 
Feature_Type (Char(4)) (populated with the Feature Type Code) 
Feature_Type_Name, Type, Species, Carriageway_Type (Char(30)) 
Feature_Group_Code, Feature_Gp (Char(4)) 
Feature_Location, Location, Tree_Location, Feature_Location, Section_Location (Char(254)) 
Primary_Measure, Prim_Meas (Decimal(10,2)) 
Unit_Of_Measure, unit (Char(15)) 
Layer (Char(50)) 
Start_Date (Date/Time) 
End_Date (Date/Time) 
Centroid_Easting (Decimal(10,2)) 
Centroid_Northing (Decimal(10,2)) 
Extent_Easting_1 (Decimal(10,2)) 
Extent_Northing_1 (Decimal(10,2)) 
Extent_Easting_2 (Decimal(10,2)) 
Extent_Northing_2 (Decimal(10,2))
* Asset_Id is only populated with the Feature Id column from Confirm if Central_Asset_Id is being used as the primary column. Otherwise Asset_Id will contain the Central_Asset_Id.


UPDATED: May 22, 2019
Modify the map layer files to match the correct specifications, rerun the Referential integrity agent.