Resolve issue where the Payment Request is showing zero value on committed payments in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm



Payment Requests in Confirm® have requested zero values when the original Order Job had a value attached.


This can be caused by several things :

1. The Payment job was raised manually and the 'job complete' box was unticked, the user has then not entered a quantity. If the 'job complete' box is unticked then an 'Interim Payment' is created which requires a quantity to be entered to generate a payment value.

2. The Payment Request has been 'remeasured manually by the user to 'zero'. The 'remeasured' tick box will be ticked on the Payment Request and the remeasured value will be visible in the details box.

3. If the previous occurances are not apparent then check the SOR (Schedule of Rates) Items etc.

4. The SOR Item does not have a Rate value set on the Contract BoQ screen (On the Confirm Explorer open Contract Preparation > Contract Rates)


UPDATED: September 8, 2017
Confirm is behaving as designed and the above occurances were caused by manual data updates by the user. Steps need to be taken by the user to rectify each data error.