Resolve Connection Error when Loading/Handling Large Datasets with ConfirmConnect

Product Feature: ConfirmConnect


A client moved from Confirm Mobile to ConfirmConnect but the latter did not appear to cope with large datasets.

The client had a number of Street Lighting teams who were sent long lists of Condition Surveys for bulk change and clean operations. In one  example one team was assigned a survey with 848 features in it. Some surveys contained over 2,500 features and did not fail on Confirm Mobile. Confirm Connect fails, either by:

(1) "Timeout"

'Timeout' Error
(2) "Cannot connect to server"

'Transfer' Error
(3) "ConfirmConnect Service is currently unavailable".

The users do not appear in the ConfirmConnect registration page (back on the host).


Volatile behaviour may be experienced when the task list gets bigger than 200 tasks.


UPDATED: March 24, 2017
The recommendation is to keep the task list no longer than ~200 tasks. We have a couple of options here:

1. You can split Condition Surveys into smaller chunks.

2. You can have a look at setting up the survey as a Route Survey task - there is more information about it in the Help system.