Resolve scenario where Canadian CODE-1 Plus changes address from English to French format


Addresses processed are being formatted the “French” way when they are not French streets (i.e. Grant AV  O is returned instead of GRANT AVE W).

Street directions appear to change from 'W' to 'O' which is questionable.


When the input address has a mix of languages, for instance, a street direction in English (i.e. W) and a street type in French (i.e. AV), Canadian CODE-1 Plus will return the entire address to one language.  If the street type and street directional are in two different languages, one will have priority over the other.  In the example presented, the street type has priority over the street directional.

The 'O' that is seen is the French equivalent of 'W'est.


UPDATED: April 14, 2017

To resolve the issue, there are two options:

1)  Make address components consistent in language format (all English or all French)
2)  Change the FORMAT parameter position 16 to 'C' or 'S' instead of the default as 'D'.

NOTE:  Even if FORMAT parameter position 16 is changed, there still may be instances of change to address based on the format of address in the CPC databases.


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